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October 19th

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We are looking for startups and early stage businesses in the field of social entrepreneurship to apply for the Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship. Delivery Hero will donate EUR 15,000 to the winning social business, provide coaching by some of our business and technology experts, and bring access to a network of potential investors. The exact support will depend on the nature of the selected business. However, you should bring a smart idea with amazing potential, and the appetite to make it work.

Talking about appetite, we are looking for startups with a focus on the food and beverage space. This is where we have the deepest knowledge and want to share this with the winning team in order to help you become an even more successful business.

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We want to share our success, and support companies that are creating a better future. We believe social entrepreneurs have the ability to solve some of today’s challenges. They are drivers of a better future by creating a positive impact on the wider world. Typically social entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector are looking to make an impact in fields like

  • Food Production & Delivery
  • Food Wholesale and Retail
  • Sustainable / Transparent Food Supply Chain
  • Hunger Relief
  • Sustainable Consumption

However, just convince us of your idea, and of your entrepreneurial strength – there are no restrictions on your specific goal / project.


An essential part of the Delivery Hero culture is not being afraid of entrepreneurial challenges. We believe that failure and success are intrinsically tied to each other. It’s our belief that the success of Delivery Hero is very much connected to our entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to take risks. This is the spirit that creates real heroes.

Now we want to take the next step and encourage YOU to become a hero by using business to create positive change. Do good by doing good, and go the heroic way.


Applications are now open and you can apply via the form below. All social start-ups in the space of food and beverages are welcome to apply. Geographically, we limit applications to European companies, to make our support as efficient as possible.
A jury, including our CEO Niklas Östberg, will review your applications focusing on following areas.

  • Business Model: Does your company have a scalable business model? Do you have a profound model addressing competitors, revenue, and customer acquisition?
  • Customers: Are you building something that users want? Do you have a deep understanding of your users’ needs?
  • Social: Is your business working to improve the Three P’s; people, planet and profit?
  • Innovation & Impact: How original or unique is your solution? What potential does it have to make an impact in our real world?

Once the successful application has been selected it will be announced on 19 October 2017 at the Food and Tech Summit Berlin and on this website. The winner will then be immediately invited to participate in a designated mentoring programme, run out of our head office in Berlin.

As described above, we’ll donate EUR 15,000 to your business and connect you with a number of mentors and industry experts. This programme will be tailor-made, according to your specific needs.
It could be the break that enables you to scale your business and create even more impact. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply today!

Apply now

Apply now

Please fill in and submit this form by 15 August 2017 the latest to apply for the award and our mentoring programme. After your initial application we’ll get back to you anyway, giving you the chance to provide more material if needed via email.

  • Contact data
  • Briefly describe the problem your business is solving with max 750 words. Why you think society would benefit from it? Also, please add why you think you would benefit from participating in our programme. If you have already launched your product, please include details of when you launched and a summary of progress to date. If you haven’t yet launched, please explain when you expect to do so and use this opportunity to tell us anything else you think we should know